Thank You. 💜 (Where I've been update)

I never wanted to post this but I feel like I have to now.

you probably know this by now but the last actual map I made was around christmas 2018. now before everyone says “snow day 2 was released a few months ago”, I don’t consider it a map itself. I consider it Snow Day with extra items because that’s what it is really.

why is that relevant? mainly because when I released Snow Day and went silent for a few months, I’ve received quite a lot of dms on discord and roblox asking when my next map is.
I feel like I should answer that now.

the answer is never. im not making new maps. ever. I may contribute to some other maps but I won’t be making one entirely by myself.

making maps is just hell now.
most of the time I stress myself out because I set deadlines I can never meet or I can never decide what buildings to keep or if I should even release the map, the list goes on.

the main issue is me being generally super productive for a day and losing all motivation to work on the project for a good few weeks the day after.
(this goes for everything really but it’s so common with maps and so uncommon with everything else besides animating)

if you saw, a few days ago I announced an alien containment revamp. that’s cancelled now. I got the first hallway done and lost all motivation.

here’s what I feel is better to do now:
instead of disappointing people constantly when I can’t meet deadlines and stuff, it would just be better if I disappointed you all one last time, say my goodbyes and stop making maps

so that’s what I’m doing now.

I know I said I would do this almost a year ago but its official this time. thanks for all the support, all the great times and everything else.
I’ve had an amazing time making maps (for the most part) but its the end of the road now.

I will still be on here but mainly to chat with mob about the development of flood escape ultra.

one last time,
thank you for all the good times and support over the past 2 years
- chloe :purple_heart:


I have a quetstion, are you gonna make snow day 3? In some day…

there’s a 99% chance I won’t

Aw :c

But, I understand, Good luck with FEU development!


Chteugvidh TX vt

Honestly I agree with alot of this theres been so many times I’ve nearly discontinued EM2, script failing/breaking / 0 ideas/ or other stuff. I want to thank you for being here since the start of 0.5, looking forward to move on with HDGCC and any other projects.


Ok. Um, what exactly is what you said?

Not sure if it’s just me, or map standards are increasing, so it’s really difficult to make a map that fits all the standards. I’ve discontinued nearly like a lot of maps due to them either not looking good enough, or the gameplay is boring.


You’re saying like the maps are being more hardest in these day’s or it’s more harder to make maps in these day’s?

The Latter.

Oh okay. I can’t disagree with you because I just made my map that year. :/

I agree with this tbh

thank you, next ok yw i guess?

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It really does seem that these days to give your map attention / videos by youtubers you need to literally spam detail. I’m not about that. I’m just making maps because I can make maps, and look at that. It doesn’t get attention. Now, I can work detailed, but for me it’ll take about a month to finish a room.

That’s why I don’t really make maps anymore.


Wow, I literally feel you all. Like I always discontinued a number of maps due to them looking not good, bland, boring gameplay, no planning and that stuff. I have lost le a few maps I wanna complete to make ends meet, at least for me. I know well how you feel, and I’m not sure if it is slowly happening to me too. So far I’m renaming maps like crystal forest and doing infrequent catastrophe and other maps like collapsed base but I am close to discontinuing them.


and thats why my last map was 6 moths ago

Six moths ago wow


Although I’m really late to the topic

I feel like people are focusing on detail way more than gameplay now

Plus, detail standards now is more of neon spam tbh (even though that’s what I do cuz yes)


I dont think neon spam is popular, but yeah. Mape with Neon maps are getting popular fast

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For me and the other new map makers, its really stressing me out (and every other new map maker) to have to make maps that do with the 2020 standarts, not everyone can make everything that the community wants.

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