The Advertisement Post Machine

The ACTUAL prequel of The Useless Post Machine.

Advertise your stuff here, I don’t really care! Even if you promote your brickcaster website, it doesn’t matter! Just advertise some epic stuff here!

ok start

Epic channel check it out eksdee.

YT: [FE2] TheMob99
Game: Flood Escape Ultra
Pls play game

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This isn’t allowed… is it?

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play my JTOH inspired game, it needs attention

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pfft over 1k visits and it still needs attention???

yes im an attention seeker (jk)

there are underrated good jtoh fanmades which get almost no attention


wondering if this works

[EDITED]: I didn’t realize when I already advertise my server, bruh.


This is my own wiki

Psst…! This’s a new server made by me, and the old server was old. So, you’re asking me to join then sure!

hey sisters, james charles here!
now go play mc and add the server ‘SpazzUHC.minehut.gg’
oh yes

pls play my osu remake
works on mobile too :eyes:

subscribe to my vlare channel
this is my part time (could be permanent) channel

it aint 2020 yet

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i know
but coppa has already arrived