The chaos (Inspired by a lot of pipol)

This map is inspired by @Lion unknown) @ohmzatalibun (Lava Laboratory) @TheRealSuper (Volcano) and the little creators (Chrominius lab)
Status: waiting for support and waiting to be whitelisted
Difficulty: Insane
Description: You and your fellow travelers made to a very deep and hot valley. The valley is known as The Chaos. A volcano was there and it was about to erupt so the lava flowed into The Chaos and caused the it to fill up with lava. Now, you need to escape the The Chaos or Chaosly (xd) die with it.
Notice: This map contains lots of moving objects but they are for deco and cause no harm to you…i think…
Bonus: There is 4 easter eggs in the map lel
Picture time!!!11!1!!11
Room 1

Room 2 pt 1

pt 2

room 3

room 4 pt 1

pt 2

room 5
How is this related to those maps above???
Unknown- Boxes fall evry 1 button pressed
Lava Lab- Music, floating platforms with spinning things
Volcano- The volcano and some platforms
Chrominius lab- Wall jumps
I hope this people don’t mind that i kinda copied them a bit…
Wait also this was also based on dancing line The Chaos
Tank u 4 reeding

Minor update: changed fog to red and less dense and changed the lava problem and also changed the size of the boxes from 5,5,5 to 10,10,10 and also moar floating things
Idk how to amke it less blocky so i need @lion to help xd
new pic!

Lemme guess… is the music from the map “The Chaos” from Dancing Line??


To be honest, I assume that you got the map idea from Lava Laboratory only and from Dancing Line [Yes I played that map it gives me a headache more on my fingers]. The map looks overall plainness and too much squarish detail. Things are randomly/spontaneously placed to add to the immersion of gameplay and to enhance the play round and… a few things to take note.

  1. Overall plainness and blockiness which you have to find a way to fix. I guess the square, cube lines are okay but there is barely change in size.

  2. Techno-design DOESN’T FIT into this map AT ALL. That will also support no use of the floating platform but since “The Chaos” is a mystery, I’ll let that pass.

  3. Choice/Color of fog. The use of fog is much appreciated but the color of it made it look weird. The density of the fog was heavy too, together with the wrong choice of fog color made the map not pleasing in the pictures at all.

  4. [I’m not sure if this is the case] If the lava texture is overstretched, change the size by adding another thin layer on top of the lava [0.1] and name it something that you’ll like instead of “part” so that its easier to identify and allow the script to move it along with the lava. DO NOT name the extra layer of lava _Water[number].

  5. It’s quite bland, to be honest.

Yeah those are the 5 things for you to take note. I’ll hope that this map gets improvements! :smiley:

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It’s based on dancing line so that why it’s blocky lol but I can fix that

If I let 2 pass from means I need to take note of 4
Ik how to fix 5 actually, I tried using beams but failed but I realised it actually look cool but since u disagree then ok…
Also the fog as created by a script xd

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Its okay its your choice.

btw i tjink every floating thing in the last room rotates except some becuz u need to go on it
also i updated the bridge so u need to parkour moar xd and added some detail…
i’ll add maor detail in da future cuz im not allowed to play da comp 4 now xd

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Oof.The map looks like bad really (I don’t want to say lie sorry) … So squarish,few detail,bad super-sizing.But i love the atmosphere.

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This map was made for fun cuz I liek dancing line xd and I think there is too much moving objects but this is just for map test

Wat does this mean xd cuz I’m a nub so idk

i can add more detail and also fix the “super bad sizing”

Okay :smiley: Also “Bad super-sizing” and “super bad sizing” is different.First one means you made super-sizing bad,second one means really bad at sizing.Just saying for avoid misunderstanding.

apperantlt i know how my topic or comments in my topic works
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Some comments
1 week later no new comments
about 1 month later, its been forgotten
i have a sad life

Lol,lol,lol,wrote 2 more lol to pass limit.

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Hey y u revive mah extremely ded map

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Also u gave me map making nostalgia :>

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is this the map you asked me to convert to EventString

Uh no lol

Time to remake this map I Guess xdxd