The Classic Creators - Opening back!

I’ve decided to start this team again, so why not?


The Classic Creators, formerly known as the Classic Squad (creators of Different Themes, Different Themes 2 and Different Themes 3) was a group based on remaking, remastering old FE2 maps, some examples were Dr_Right2’s Jailhouse and Secret Facility.


If you were an old member of it, you’re freely allowed to join back. But if you weren’t, here are the main rule pretty much is:

-You have to be decent at remaking stuff, feel free to show screenshots of stuff you’ve done, and maybe remakes you’ve created. You are also not allowed to use 0/0.1 studs as it will mess stuff up.


Different Themes 3

Our Map Remakes

That’s pretty much it. If you wanna join, that’s the only rule. :+1:


yay youre back!!!

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well i’m remaking tower of cold hands

worst jtoh tower

pretty sure ToR is worse but off the point

ok thats worse I agree

it’s bad when i can’t even get past floor 3 but have beaten intense difficulty towers before it

lets goooo

can i join [again]

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of course you were a member

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lol ill join again

seriously those remakes were fun

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i’ll think about it.

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I want to join the Classic Creators!

I am not sure if I want to join you all since I am pretty much the stone Lol
I may have a go this time I’ll try to be a bit more active
lets use the january 2020 group

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I’ll think about it.

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If you want to check out my skills, check the third room (the room connected to the last room and the 4rd room) from HF 1.5, and yes, the map got an update.
I am currently working on a autumn map

imagine wanting to join but electroblast goes 0.1 stud

Wdym lol

i’ll consider it, but when it comes to non-studded decoration (unlike jtoh) i’m not very skilled

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Im an old member so

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I discovered in a model of Shadowy Mines (Enigmatic/Mysterium) 0.1 increments on several parts’ sizes.