The FE2 Quitters Post Machine

I’ve seen a lot of topics about forum members “quitting the FE2 community”, so I decided to make a topic for all the posts, inspired by The Useless Post Machine. So if you feel like quitting the FE2 community, feel free to post here.

Oh and here’s a logo.

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wa guy i quit i man comunity toxic jajajaj :angry::rage: my mapu donot get antetiob and i am big mad so comunito big toxic!11!11111!1 cazy lazy. lo. i don aperciae. no new map… bruhlh.hhh.h. i big regret join so i QUIT :angry::rage: and i got bad fedback in my map so that means community hurt felling = toxic lol :pensive::pensive:


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this is a joke.


I might quit soon if I do something in the fe2 community.

im not quitting anytime soon and i joined almost 2 years ago. lol

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man im so depressed i cant do anything in life i quit this stupid forum and then ill join back because im a scumbag!!! WAAAAAAA

joke of course lol


I totally didn’t have a stroke writing this, don’t worry lmao

This community is bad! I’m quitting!!!

Jeez it’s a joke ok.

This should be the sarcasm quitting post machine :joy:

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my mom :woman: said i have to destroy :hammer: my computer :cry: :cry: :sob: i can’t play :video_game: flood escape 2 :ocean: anymore :angry: :anger: :angry: :angry: :sob: :sob: :cry:


I’m quitting real life doe o_o

o h n o

my house got exploded by an attack helicopter and my pc is dead so bye

o m gees i dRUnk diet’s water and it doesn’t not tast like my farters pasTA so i qut

I can’t quit. It would be bad.


No. Just no.

hi man i quit FE2 community because of the fortnite funny moment, it has too much fortnite-ism and i cannot take it anymore. it used to be such a flood community now it’s a Kids Fortnite Centre (KFC)…

apparently people bad, so everyone bad, that is logic yes… and it sad!! the community used to be so good… but now it very very bad, me cannot take it anymore, me just stay here because me can and not leave to protect myself!!

jajaja i leaving community :((((


omg a hippo came to my house because he wanted to deliver us some pizza byut we didnt speak Mongolian so he decided to put the pizza in a slot machine and so he put the pizza im ny pc’s disc opener and it got jammed so i cant play :cry: :sob: :sob: :cry:


so he put the pizza down the chimney
very logic 100% :ok_hand: