The Final Days of it all

The picture was taken at a perfect moment, level 99. last level up before I “achieve my dreams”.

Now you may be wondering “What dreams?” Well, ever since I came back after the 2-month break, with my level 70 and progress, and all the people with rebirths that I met on the way. it started to hurt inside and I KNEW I had to do it.

So the journey started 2 months ago, when some dude I 1v1’ed was calling me trash. Plus, he had almost 4 rebirths which infuriated me, and I wanted to show him he was wrong. So I leveled up every week, to 77, 80, 85, and until I knew it, after 2 months of “hard” working, I reached the first goal. I knew that i was close, and I won’t give up.

Personally, I have to give a thank you to a lot of the people here. While watching them play, I learnt a lot of tricks which helped me progress faster. So thank you everybody, you all (even toxic 1v1er, if you’re seeing this) helped me so much and now here’s where I am! So thanks!

(Okay, before I finish, I might look stupid writing this “oH, bIg nOOb” but seriously, this was easy to do.)


Wait who’s the dude with 4 rebirth that mocked you
Also good job


lol dont worry im not even lvl 80


oH, bIg nOOb



Some guy called Jaxsqn

can i get the good topic badge pls

but again thanks

he going mental

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mental explode

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