The Lore of FE2

Ok I think how the story goes:

Since then, Crazyblox and Guide were friends and developing FE1. Ghostlyx_x heard the game and played it. He was a big fan. He saw the guide being a helper, and probably Ghostlyx_x was jealous. Then both Guide and the Ghostlyx_x got into a fight. Ghostlyx_x was enraged that he wanted to destroy the FE1 facility. Now players go through the FE1 during the destruction which it is called “Familiar Ruins.” After “Familiar Ruins” players now go through “Beneath the Ruins.” During the destruction, Crazyblox was finding the Guide and he was nowhere seen, and Crazyblox thought that he died of the destruction. After that, Crazyblox started to develop FE2. Since then, Guide was hiding in FE1, trying to survive. The Guide heard that Crazyblox is developing FE2 (as seen in Figure 1) and he feels sad and stressed because he is living down here (Figure 2). As Crazyblox is developing FE2, Ghostlyx_x said to Crazy that he wants to be a Guide (Figure 3). And then this is the present time.

So probably one of the ways Ghostlyx_x could have destroyed the facility is probably the Power Tower in Flood Escape in Room 3 in Easy.

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

(Figure 3)

The story might be edited because of updates in FE2 and possibly FE1

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Well this is deep


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The FE1 lobby is placed right over a volcanic place, which has been inactive for years, according to a scientist.
but one day, the FE1 lobby started to overflow with lava from a sudden eruption, That’s why we have familiar ruins flooding with lava. The heat from the lava burst the pipes, sewage and different elements started to turn the water acidic.

At the end of Familiar Ruins, is the door to the start of Beneath the Ruins.
In the old rooms of FE1, there were spectator rooms, which by the press of a button, could be opened to lower the lava due to gravitational pull. But that didn’t stop the eruption for long. The training room was under pressure, the difficulty rooms were under pressure. That’s why there was a crack in the wall connecting those two rooms and the exit region.

They had to create a new facility, far away from FE1, which is why Guide was deemed dead - but he wasnt, due to the reason that he couldnt find a way out of the terrible accident - he had spent days filing his papers, shown in the maps exitregion. He is surviving on barely anything; his bones are frail and his skin is pale. He soon passed away. Crazyblox had to find another Guide to show people the way, that’s why Ghostlyx_X was hired as the new guide.

rip FE1 Guide, we will miss you

Wow. That went deep.

the ending is fake FE1 GUIDE IS NOT DEAD

But what about the FE1 Guide Poisoning the valley?
AKA Poisonous Valley

So he did escape, and he poisoned the valley, for revenge, but revenge for what?


But why is he doing poisoning the water though?

its just a map created by community

didn’t know BTR was made by the community :ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :surprised:


are you reffering it to me i mean its not btr but its poisonous valley

oh oops lol i thought you meant btr not pv

if only there was more story to this… :thinking:

I’m very late, but ancant did have some good points of the lore. Crazyblox could have put Guide in BTR as a punishment for poisoning the valley. Why though?

Interesting lo

Also, why did the facility in FE1 break? Did an accident happen or was it sabotaged?

For the most of it, it was probably an explosion inside the mainframe of the gears of the facility, since practically all videos depicting the lore of FE2 have an explosion near the beginning, which is in the lobby of Flood Escape