The Random Map Leaks of me, Sugar_Void

walls seem bland without ambience

I got a really random idea lol. I might make a map that’s basically chaos.

This video legit explains it all.

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my brother watched this lol

eek revive https://youtu.be/csCkg4g-WpQ?t=609

why did i click on the link

Okay so many of you already know this but:

please check it out im going to have a brain blast

i am greg

omg its greg heffley!!!11

The thing is where I live (Texas) we don’t and NEVER had a tornado. All we got is rain and thunder (and sunshine uwu) that’s my weather


… well in brown county anyway we don’t have them

lmao, rip your statement

I’m gonna keep this as a passion project instead.

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Why do I get Overdrive Revamp flashbacks

So good

Looks like BTR v2 lmao

wow this door is garbage. the outline is super skinny and stuff and the door is the huge. im glad that event actually happened, because this version of the door sucks

no its good

I’m talking about this specific model of the door and stuff. I’m kinda glad that even happened since the new door is better and doesn’t have a SUPER SKINNY OUTLINE.

are you kidding me lol

now tealtester appears from nowhere and says:

imagine that lol

that would make me be like:

wait a minute

why aaa