The Random Map Leaks of me, Sugar_Void


… well in brown county anyway we don’t have them

lmao, rip your statement

I’m gonna keep this as a passion project instead.

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Why do I get Overdrive Revamp flashbacks

So good

Looks like BTR v2 lmao

wow this door is garbage. the outline is super skinny and stuff and the door is the huge. im glad that event actually happened, because this version of the door sucks

no its good

I’m talking about this specific model of the door and stuff. I’m kinda glad that even happened since the new door is better and doesn’t have a SUPER SKINNY OUTLINE.

are you kidding me lol

now tealtester appears from nowhere and says:

imagine that lol

that would make me be like:

wait a minute

why aaa

Well I’m gonna get hated a lot.

So this is a small project of mine and that is remaking the old version of Blue Moon. I know, I’m gonna get hated but I’m not gonna release it, as of I’m just doing this for fun.


Yes I am disappointed in myself for doing this.

Why would I hate you lol

crazyblox said on twitter once that remakes are fine
only stolen work is bad and u r probably only remaking it and not stealing it
and talking about blue moon buffs, well way to go derpweb

ok so i heard that modern bm was leaked. and it was.

now looking at the model, im starting to see things that i never saw in modern bm (and i can’t blame myself here, blue moon is a crazy and the gameplay is fast-paced so you can’t really see most of the details.)

But, like the pipes could have been more designed and NOT just left there all bare in BM.

Thats the point, remember when I said that FE2’s style is more simple and not extreme detail?

Yes, it bothers/annoys me a bit, but that’s Crazy’s style so he’ll pick maps in the range (and his favorite creators)