The "Replicating Legacy Lighting" Project

I’m sorry but does this go into Map Developers Category? Correct me if I’m wrong, but this post will be used to give me ideas or help me replicate legacy lighting in Voxel (not recommended or compatiblity (maybe soon idk) shadowmap and future)

But I guess this can go into Map Developers because I’m gonna make something to replicate legacy lighting. (But for now, the one thing I’m gonna replicate is the neon)
And for people to use in their maps.

But I may make it compatiblity Compatible so indoor maps can behave the same instead of voxel making indoor maps very dark.

So for now, give me ideas or help me replicate legacy neon (to where every color glows instead of bright colors)

Currently I can’t find much answers in the Roblox Devforum by searching for posts on how to replicate legacy neon.

Once I get this recreation finished, I’ll tell people on how to use it in your maps or use a uncopylocked game and take the assets from there.

But for now, this project is kinda inactive.

Before you ask about:

Bruh stop talking about legacy lighting, it won’t come back.

Well I know Obviously, even tho can be replicated in compatiblity in different ways.

Currently I already told people about the broken F.I.B. V16 build, which the lighting only provides legacy, instead of voxel and future.

If you want to the see the post, well then here:

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legacy lighting also has a cool diamond plate shine in high graphics

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i agree with this lol, legacy was awesome.


Probably impossible to replicate but ok.

compatibility and legacy kinda look the same tbh.

but correct me if i’m wrong

the only difference between legacy and compatibility is how neon works and some other small stuff

Technically nah
Compability saturates the lights, neon, reflections and ambience

isnt that what FIB does

Well yes if used wrong.

I searched on the devforum on how it replicate “Legacy Neon”

Quoting a post from something I said, but if you don’t know what Devforum post was it, it was this.

I tried putting a bloom effect on a part, but I can’t. Can like someone help me understand this. I don’t know what is bloom adornment as said in that post.