The Sun (TANK)

Price: 35 coins
Desc: Its cold! Warm it up by carrying the sun with you everywhere you go!


On player:

Animated Cosmetic: ezgif-7-44b794286c87

Yes, this is genius!
The water will evaporate around you, thus you’ll have plenty of air!

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The sun looks like a meatball covered in hot sauce (Joke)
But still, it reminds me of the Mini Moon tank, so it’s perfect :+1:


This tank is h0t

am i the only one to notice that the texture is the same as in core’s lava

i got an idea for a satire sun tank

take a picture of irl sun

looks like pizza. let’s ping liltea

Burning meatball

hey, can we go outside- NO why? the sun is deadly lazer

Side effect: You die due to extreme burns

thanks lol i also thought it looked like a burning meatball XD

XD lol

lol i know that meme


its just a meatball but with flame

rename this topic to “Burning Meatball (Tank)”
jk aha

XDD lol

too lazy, it’s just a sphere with a meatball texture

excuse what the acid did i just say? the idea is cool at least.
but ur back isn’t burning, isn’t it dead?!?!?