The Swiss Alps ⛰

hello there! it’s been a while since I had made a map, and so here is a new one for you! [1/25/19]

Status: Awaiting feedback, whitelisted, In Development
Description: there are a few things that I would like to tell you about this map. You might rate this map as a Hard, but please don’t worry! I will be updating and buffing this this map until it fits into the Insane pool. Also, this map strays from my original style of building (see “Malignant Mangrove”) because I want to try a new style of building. I will try to answer any of your other questions if you have any.

Creator: cornypants254 (cornypants254altbact)
Part Count: 1,290
Music: Waterflame-Glorious Morning 2
Completion: 55-60%

In the high mountains in the summer of Switzerland, the snow and ice begins to melt rapidly. Can you escape the mountains before the frigid waters consume you?

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oops uploaded before completed pics lol

aaaaa i was gonna make an alps map xd

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but its too late

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wait what
I can’t save my edits :upside_down_face:

looks gud so far

make sure it’s a map creations topic

@DominoContributing Please, change this Map Submission Topic in to the right category, thank you.

thanks, I couldn’t do it anyway.

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omg i love that type of trees how did u do that :zap::zap:

A one look vote

Snowmelt will involve certain amounts of snow but there’s none…

i was expecting a long reviews from you

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It’s WIP what do you expect from me lol

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owo yes

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here is a video i made. dont ask why the thumbnail is blue… idk how that happened.

im giving insane ratings but not ratings for the map building yet since it is still a wip. plus, I voted!

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and i also beat you @givemenamepls but probably because you did not see this map yet

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I have played this map but haven’t had time to rec.

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I’m definitely going to remake this.

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