The True Story Theory


This is a theory I thought of, and is just for fun. Any thoughts you have on this theory, reply to this post. I have never made a theory post before, so if this is a bit messy to you, that is why. Anyways, I hope you enjoy.


What is the cause of all these floods? Almost nobody asked. Everyone sees Flood Escape as a fun game and all with its unique mechanics and gameplay, but what if I told you there might be a much deeper story behind this game?

Flood Escape 1

The game that started it all. Created in 2010, Flood Escape was a game about entering facilities and going through three levels by pressing buttons to proceed. Why did crazyblox make this game? To test others gameplay skills to prepare them for whatever situation they get in next? This might seem a bit unrealistic, but it isn’t. As the first flood escape game is very old, so is the facility holding these flood games. Fast forward to 2017, when infiltration was made. Infiltration might’ve been the test place for a new set of mechanics, considering that abandoned facility has a screen with the map on it. This all relates to flood escape 1, as in late 2017, familiar ruins was added. The map that might’ve showed what happened after the testing of flood escape 2 (Anything FE1 related after this map was released would not be considered canon anymore). The plan of FE2 might’ve backfired as the entirety of FE1 was ruined. Crazyblox’s plans fail, the floods from all of FE1 spread across the various maps in FE2, and the failed test of infiltration results in abandoned facility being flooded.

The Guide (And why he is the most important character in the game)

After a very tragic event in 2017 with the flood escape building, The Guide is in big trouble, being trapped in the infamous map beneath the ruins as he was there 24/7, helping the fellow players through the game. This relates to the newly added rescue missions, as he only shows up on that map. After saving the guide and getting past familiar ruins, this would be considered the end of the FE2 timeline. The only reason that the flood escape game was a success was because of the guide, and saving him after going through all the maps was the goal of the game. The floods calm down, peace is restored, but what happened to Crazyblox?

Crazyblox is dead

To support this theory, why does he never show up as an escapee? Because he is dead. Why did the flood escape 1 map get destroyed? Because Crazyblox wasnt there to be able to stop it. Crazyblox most likely died during the testing of infiltration, which caused it to flood abandoned facility and the rest of the maps. The flood escape building was very old and needed to either be shut down or fixed or else the machinery on the lifts and in the maps to open the doors and flood the place would bust, causing the place to burn up.

Main Timeline

2008: Crazyblox creates the flood escape building

August 2010: flood escape opens up to the public with the guide there to help players navigate through the facility.

Early March 2017: Crazyblox starts the testing of FE2

Late March 2017: Crazyblox dies in the abandoned facility flood and spread across the various maps in the game.

Early November 2017: The FE1 building breaks and causes multiple deaths and the guide to be stuck in the training area hallway.

Late November 2017: the news spreads around about the wreckage of the FE1 facility and the missing people, including the guide.

Early January 2018: the players start the journey to save their beloved guide in beneath the ruins.

Late March 2018: the players make it through all the treacherous maps in their way and finally beat the last map in their journey to making it to the FE1 building.

Early April 2018: The players finally find the guide in Beneath the ruins and save him. The players make it out of the facility and escape familiar ruins.

Smaller Theories

Fallen and marred dreams: fallen is basically a reoccurring nightmare that the players have that is caused by Crazyblox, considering it is very creepy and that he is dead, and marred dreams takes place right before this nightmare, as both of these maps are made by him and connect in multiple ways.

Graveyard Cliffside: Graveyard cliffside is where Crazyblox’s tomb lies and is haunted by him, causing the ghost wall to follow the players.

The cave timeline: the cave timeline takes a large amount of the journey to finding the guide. The cave maps go in this order: Poisonous valley, forgotten tombs, magmatic mines, mysterium, cave system, poisonous chasm

Maps that aren’t canon

blue moon, dark sci facility, sinking ship, sky sanctuary, flood island, axiom, dark sci forest

And that’s the end of the ”True Story” theory!

Or is it… True Story Theory (Continued)


This is really good! I also like the cave theory, but it seems a bit weird that Forgotten Tombs, an entirely lava/hot themed map goes into Crystal Caverns. I feel like it would more likely be located in the mountains of Snowy Peaks or Northern Workshop.
Other than that, great post!


Yeah, seems a bit weird… I changed it a bit

Well, there’s a secret room in Poisonous Valley that shows the guide pouring acid into the water. There’s also a secret room in Sunken Citadel with the guide sitting in the corner with a board showing a bunch of maps connected by red string.

Maybe you should look into that?

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Made a continued part with the info in mind. Thank you!

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At the end of sinking ship, you hop onto a box and end up floating towards flood island, left that one out.

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Yeah, but where would flood island lead to? If there were to be a helicopter it could just take you to the FE1 building, skipping almost everything, so I left out those maps

My theory is that you leave fe1 wondering what crazyblox is working on, you and a couple friends stumble upon infiltration, which is beginning to flood. From there, you end up in abandoned facility, and this is where my theory strays. From the end of the facility, there is a tunnel, and that tunnel connects to fe1. So after abandoned facility, you end up in familiar ruins, from there you are in beneath the ruins, my theory is that the guide did something while we left to explore infiltration, leading to fe1 being destroyed and him being stuck in beneath the ruins. And if your wondering, no it doesn’t end there.

Well if that’s your theory, you should make a post on it! I think that would be a pretty good idea. Again, this is my theory and is just for fun. These are just my personal thoughts on what might’ve been the true story behind the game. : )

: ) I’ll leave the theorizing up to you!

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Well you seem to have a pretty good theory, so I think that you should make your own post and start your own theory! I’ll look at it if you end up making it and linking if here, instead of holding it in my theory replies. XD

ok XD! Maybe later tho kind of busy haha

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Okay! If you end up making it link me to it.

good theory didnt laugh

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