The Underworld Devs

Welcome, This Is The Developers Group I’m making
Not Only FE2 Maps… But Games Too

Name: The Underworld Devs
Host: GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimations
Creation Date: 3/17/2021

Future Games:
HYPERVIBE :milky_way:
Time Machine :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Spo :jack_o_lantern: kz

Builder Slots
  1. GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimations / Me
  2. Jullakorn_Liam / Noobie
  3. Deyvidgamertest123
  4. Inocular
  5. ExtremeMaster999
  6. DullErrors
  7. WorantineWoran
  8. Theoquertz / Theo
  9. OfficerCodyBanks
Scripter Slots
  1. GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimations / Me
  2. Steeven293
  3. DevIsNotHere / coolethaninjaboy
  4. adggamer12341
Music Producer Slots
  1. Yozy / DONUTS_LM
  2. GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimations / Me (In Future)

NOTE: I Put Some People Cause Some Get Selectioned On Skills (And I Friended Too)

I suppose i want to join?

You Can Join If You Want

Ok i will

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Also I WIll Get BOBUX Today So I Will Make Group On Roblox



I eat it

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ok updated my profile with this dev team in it


Group Picture (Made Less Than 1 Minute):

what is time machine about

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yea sure put me in, i got nothin else to do

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ye me too.

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how about me :smiley: :point_left:?

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ok cool

what r the requirements tho (like age, and idk)

i think everyone can join

Gabriel isn’t online rn.

yee yeeeee

So, It’s going to be a long time before he sees all of yall wanting to come in OOF.

He is online nooo