Themes pls lmao

so uhhh my creative juices are practically non existent @ this point and idk if its me staying up till 3am scrolling on tiktok but basically im asking for Ideas

Its the horrible sleep schedule for me tho-


what about a forest that leads to a facility it can be called valley facility

cuz that’s how every map goes

Depends on how you execute the idea.

that post was supposed to be a joke unless this post is a joke too lol

but maybe I can challenge myself by giving the most generic theme a makeover besties

I’d say, try go unique.

Most of the people are already tired of facility map tbrh.

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That’s the point but maybe facility maps are pretty grneric

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What do I mean maybe ofc they’re generic

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Presenting… Extreme’s World-Famous Theme-o-matic!
Pick one random word in the first column, then another in the second!

Word 1 Word 2
Strawberry Grasslands
Wet Canyon
Hidden Fortress
Electric Mountains
Flaming Rooms
Glowing Forest
Dark Lake
Soggy Escape
Floating Factory
Blue Towers
Peachy Springs
Autumn Islands
Dangerous Desert
Anime Pillow

I’d pick Anime Pillow if I made a map. :smirk:


hehe now ive got my idea

ENDY’S Themes!


Choose one of the themes and start your map!:

  • Fortress

  • Candyland

  • Ravine

  • Ruins

  • Bunker

  • Agency

  • Heights

  • Factory

  • Autumn

  • Tundra

  • Nebula

  • Valley

  • Dungeon

  • Plane

  • Pixelated


Strawberry was a good choice for an adjective, I should use it in a future map

Oh I was gonna do ‘Strawberry Springs’ lmao

No one has ever made an airport before I think

Oh I was gonna do ‘Strawberry Springs’ lmao

an airport? That seems cool

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