[!] TheMob99's Totally Epic and Awesome and Definitely Original QnA

Ask me questions :smiley:
Oh, and I might as well answer these:
Gender: Trans
Age: 12
Favourite Game: Minecraft

Now ask questions :slight_smile:


You’re making me want to make my own QnA, also Phexonia. Lol

I am going to make one.


What’s it’s your inspiration for FEU?
Can I help in any project’s of FEU?
Who drawn your profile picture? It’s very cool

Okay - firstly, the inspiration for FEU was Flood Escape X. Not FEM, I hate that game. I wanted scripts and I wouldn’t have found out about FJ’s scripts without Isimsiz542. I think he quit roblox.
Second, probably not, I haven’t worked on the game in a few months, all the new updates are made by Halo.
Last, me :slight_smile:

if anyones wondering about the eyes they are positioned like that on purpose lol

I don’t have too much questions because I’m doing homework right now,I will go back with homework, bye.

Ok it’s quite late for me anyways soooooo

are you big chungus
does iron man die in endgame
is thanos red
does carefulscary have a scary monster in his bed
do you have not 666
what music do you listen to lol


idk lol i never liked marvel
no hes green cuz he ate sprouts
he did esnt have a scary monster, im the scary monster. look at my profile.
i have a 666.666
edm or dubstep. search sphere by creo or just creo



:o ok so you’re the monster under my bed
ok then
but a quick reminder that if you won’t pay the rent you will get kicked out


irla or kayo (sorry if it sounds like self-advertising)
fav fe2 map test map
any fav films (can be animations, also add year of the film you mentioned)
the overflow or cryogenic blizzard

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nine circles
not sure. im watching a series called assassination classroom rn (already read the 21 books in the series too lol)
cryogenic blizzard

but i spent my money on toilet rolls :((((

since when doctors making a surgery for 12 years old for a gender change

sorry but lmao

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what’s ur favourite aNimE

i’m low on ideas lol

wait is this true i was confused
also what is favorite color

Assassination Classroom