Things I hate about the FE2 community

There are many things in life you hate. but in specific. I am very disappointed about how this community has grown. and that’s why I am gonna tell the things that I HATE in this community:

1: crazies taking over.
It’s just unbelievable… since last year when Crazyblox was announcing the Crazy update for FE2 map test. a lot of map makers changed their difficulty to Crazy. but even before the hardest difficulty in the game was overused. the easies, normals, hards and now even the insanes are now getting left behind.
In 2019 I’ve only found 1 VIP server. JUST 1! that not only includes crazies. so in 2020 I just wanna see more of those maps instead of just a bunch of maps in every single server. just try something else instead of playing (for example) Digitalized.
2: criticizing
I know Enszo has made a topic about criticizing people. but I want to go deeper on it: it literally doesn’t help a map maker to say a map is ‘blocky’ or with 'too many of [Material or Color name].
just the way of sending a photo of your new map is just to show what is going on to you. so please, don’t say those words as ‘blocky’ maybe the map is supposed to be blocky.
3: map stealing
just… why do people this? stealing other people’s work. I’ve never felt the pain of a (wo)man which map got stolen. and I hope I will never gonna feel that ever. But the worst is that some people steal maps of underrated map makers and claiming it’s their map. Just don’t be that kind of jerk searching for hours in the Roblox library for maps that still need to wait for whitelist. that’s just way too lazy and it all ends up with useless trash.

And so I can keep going with this things I hate: people that are doing toxic against your work, people that are betraying you for your fame and just go on… It’s not what FE2 is meant for.
FE2 map test is just a game where you can play your own FE2 maps with friends. not as a big business battle about who will get the most fame. HELLO Just enjoy the fact you’ve made something.

anyways. there is a lot to hate about this community. and I’m thinking of stepping out of it. I still didn’t decide. so yeah. with all those hate behind I’ll gonna call 1 thing I like about this community:

1 thing I like is just the way how people are giving attention to a map. sharing them with others so all maps can be shared with other people. even the first maps people make: put it on the forum, wait a week and boom! somebody made a video about it. and then lots of other guys are deciding to play it.

and that’s just what I wanna say here. Thank you for reading.


See, those are the troubles we are facing currently since last year…


honestly if we’re not allowed to criticize how do we give feedback


that means people like Fai aren’t allowed cause they criticize :exploding_head:


Helo guys this is my map plz give only good review tank u I rove uu

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Oh No You Insult Me Felling :cry: @federoblox244 Plese Help Me

It’s so BLAND quit map making noOb atteNtion sEeker :joy:

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Me a month ago:
why you be meany to me you said its bland waaA

There’re the differents between “Criticize” and “Complain”. Also we can use the word “blocky” or “Texture spam” when the design did not match with the concept from creator such as your map has the concept as Nature theme and you make everything blocky if I did not mention about this then how do you know to improve your map to belong with your concept huh? :thinking:. ( Also yeah. You should give the suggestion after you said these kinds of the word, like Enszo said.)