This is not fair!

Dude, it’s not fair! I spent so much time on making the remake, script, make guis all by myself, still I didn’t get actually good rewards. (I only < 10 concurrent players)

However, look at Flood escape Z, it’s famous for stealing eveything, still, it has more concurrent players than mine!! Why??? This is kinda discouraging people to make actualy good remakes of the game.

More example, at the time I check the players amount, Tide Outbreak only had 7 concurrent players! It should deserve more players.

Why games that steal all assets are more popular than those original 100%-from-scratch games?

because people like exposing them while playing lol
there are like a million posts about “stolen fe2 maps” “stolen scripts” and “copies of fe2”

also you should be happy there are atleast 2 people playing, some people dont have place visits at all ツ


ok, you know what? do YOU know what?
i will record your game, i have only 132 subs, but that will still do something


Even though your points are alright, the entire roblox game system is unfair.
Your game might of been popular some time yes, but it eventually dies out.
Nobody can get their game to be popular again unless they add a really good update.
Take the top games as a example, Jailbreak has been popular only because of the updates they add.
Even though my points are very stupid and dumb, I have more.
The concept of games are also how a game can be popular.
I haven’t played your game but I’m sure it’s just Flood Escape.
It’s already been done, the concept isn’t original.
That’s all my points.


Omg just have patience I put effort in my YT Videos and I’m getting no views.

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That’s because the community is trash

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i don’t seem to see original contents anywhere from both of the game

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I have asked permission from the map creators, becuase they actually submitted the map via Discord server

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Also cough cough Gui? Lobby? Scripts?

I’ve seen your game before, it’s amazing.
I could record a video if that’d help.

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i agree this is not fair at all. because take flood escape Z, getting 40 plaers, while it completely ripped off fe2, but your game. that you made from scratch, only has 2 people. even tho i have 34 subs ill record this and try get help. its ridiculous how roblox is these days

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It always sucks when games with lesser effort put into gets more attention than original games that were worked hard on. How did these kinds of games that steal Flood Escape 2’s assets get so much attention anyway?

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Very true, it’s not fun to steal assets and then you get more players than someone who actually put the effort into the game

Not to mention the fact that in some of the maps Flood Escape Z has, it instantly kills you the moment you spawn into it on their “try hard” difficulty

They get attention because of the fact that people like to “expose” or look at the game and complain about it.

Most of the people are friends or friends of friends or people who support the game.

I’m sorry, but that’s life for you.


Response to my reply.
This is about your game.
It’s just Flood Escape 2 with updated GUIS, no animations and some other stuff.
I know you put some effort into it but it’s simply just Flood Escape 2.
There is nothing original except from the things you’ve done.

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actual fe2 fan games with no stolen scripts: 2 players

flood x, flood escape z and other games with stolen assets: over 10 players every hour


Good remakes (like overflow) will get barely any people from 1 - 10 and those stolen maps in games will get a ton of people playing it. It’s just getting attention to players that these maps are stolen.

You are correct tho. But I just hope that every fangame will get the same treatment and be fair.


True, but I think the fan games that rip off Fe2 should be really disliked