This is obviously useless post

lol no there’s no post

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I saw that l0l

And plus I watch your channel so I already know.

The 1st time I heard of ModelHolder was when I saw that TD and NC were both taken. After that, around today, federoblox244 found out that EM’s latest version has been taken and stolen.

Honestly this guy needs a pill or something.

this post is so funny i forgot to laugh

actually i found the em v2 leaked in @RBLXDenimated_Dev’s favorites since i have BTRoblox and I can’t see their creations

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what is that

google extension

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rareheadressss’ inventory

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CL_FEDcrazyblox’s inveotry

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tho no post here rn but
that guy needs to stop lmao
im scared of my maps now literally

If he steals my maps I will make an huge exposing video on him.