three levels [easy]

Status: Not whitelisted, completed

Description of Map
Name: three levels
difficulty: easy
link: https://www.roblox.com/library/4683232471/Three-levels-easy

Pictures / Videos of Map

I smell free models :eyes:

at least its better than the last map i reviewed.

the gameplay actually looks very simple. but i can’t tell because when you took your pictures, you weren’t accurate. so i honestly can’t tell how easy or hard it is. you need to take more pictures so that i can actually vote on the rating of the gameplay.

for the first room, the detail you used is very great. but in the next pictures, your detail got very sluggish. also, your rooms need to be much more bigger and rounded, like especially the elevator (no rounding). what i mean by rounding, is there needs to be some sort and amount of wedges to give this category a better review. also, just like @NuxeTom said, i smell free models too. that random pile of bricks in the third picture looks like a free model, and the jump in the background also looks like a free model. just to let you know, using free models (excluding FEMAP Kit) will lower your chance of getting your map whitelisted. plus, did you use FEMAP Kit? it includes all the stuff to make your map work.

you made some fairly simple, but hard-to-tell gameplay and had some decent detail, but this map obviously needs more work put into it. i’ll give it a fair rating, but if you want it to go up in the future, just take all the bad stuff from this review and use it as key things for your next map.

that concludes this review, and i’ll see you all later.

gameplay ??/10
detail 3.1/10
overall 2.8/10

The elevator looks like a free model
You can tell it was a free model because the elevator is the only thing that looks good in these pictures


not being rude but pic 3 looks like someone dropped a bag of legos accidently when going somewhere

you’re wrong.
whitelist isn’t a thing that adds your map in official FE2 game (not map test)

yes, i used FE2 map kit

Where are you getting this from
This isn’t even a thing, even if the map has free models it will get whitelisted. Crazy doesn’t check the models.

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I know
I know
I know

that was just my thought

i never knew he din’t check it

i thought he did

decoRATE it or if it is a layout

This map is pretty okay. Try adding some wedges and reducing free models.
I hope this map will be whitelisted. :slight_smile:
If this is your first map, it’s good.

Don’t let it too blocky. Add some wedges, sphere or cylinders. Then make some active blocks add up their states.