Thumbnail Practice

So I made a thumbnail for Winterwood Junction, (btw that map is so dope, people who haven’t tried it should try it), and I just wanted to see what other people would think about it! Let me know if I need to fix some things and I will make some improvements.

Not bad, pretty good

The logo is looking kinda fried though


the logo hurts my fricking eyes lol

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lol, welp, now I know something i need to fix lmao

LMAO, sorry lol

k lol

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I think I added a bit too much glamour ;-;

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i think the logo is kinda gud

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also i do like fried logos

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thx! :smiley:

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No problem @Tormanity :grinning:

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Hmmm… The logo too bright, try to make it normal and use sharpness lol.

u mean @Tormanity

the :floodf: :floode: :flood2: logo is too much saturated, can you reduce it a bit.