Tidal Services (Clogged Problems revamp that no one asked for)

Status: Playable
ID: 2701230502 (no i’m not gonna bring back the old version it is deleted anyways)
BGM: Big Giant Circles - Vindicate Me (may not the official music choice, be aware of that)

A service near a harbor that is going into deluge with strange chemicals pouring out due to an explosion in a lab nearby. You have to escape it before the liquids flow upwards and engulfs the once known facility.

A simply dark facility with some ascend rooms (shouldn’t be hard to traverse but if it is then I’ll be looking into that. Also revamp of a January - February 2019 map.
Here’s the original (jesus it looks worse when i am looking through pictures again): Clogged Problems

(here we go)
The spawn. Leads to the 1st area. Shouldn’t be too much of a struggle to pass.

(also the image above isn’t really a part of gameplay but like outside scenery).

The second room (featuring most of the original’s aspects but gameplay got a small change)

A vent which leads to the 7th button (now that’s a lot of buttons man).
Not the best room imo but idk how to improve it

A door in the 2nd room which you should go inside.

A small corridor filled with boxes, don’t ask why is this logic used in here. I don’t know.

That dumb little ascent room. Really needs details tbh but idk which ones. Also the lava is light because in ShadowMap it is a lot more vibrant.

Some small storage that has a truss. Probably something to get up, not so sure why is it there.

Small corridor. Had to look at Miscellaneous Undertaking for inspirations since I was braindead when making this. Needs more details.

A small containment with controllers and 2 screens. Beware the cramped walljumps tho. Also may need details.

C a v e

A small harbour with parkour that shouldn’t be too hard. Tried to follow noomlek’s parkour style since he knows how to add gameplay.

A view of the outside. Features 3 different lightings (Legacy, Compatibility and ShadowMap)

Legacy (feels a bit like a sunset not gonna lie):

Compatibility (kinda darker than legacy):

ShadowMap (yes i will fix the light in the orange pipe aaa):

This revamp started in December 2019, around Christmas Eve. It featured my style from HQ Annihilation at the first few rooms (right up to the first ascend room.)

Honey_wasps (EHNSZ0) used to work on it with me but at the end I had to kick him, but I am not gonna go into details why that happened.

It actually was supposed to be quite hard (a Crazy, in fact) but I thought that it would be better if it were much easier than that.

The colour scheme at the 2nd room had a different color scheme (which imo sucks bad).

Irla_stas, the creator of Dusk Snow and more lol

Its me
The guy who asked


man be loving dark Facility

Noob you Stole Elyworks color Scheme im gon Sue you :grin: :grin: :rage: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :triumph:

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woah this looks very nice

Nooo… pls Dead :rage:

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this is great

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very colorful map !!

needs atleast 10 votes

ROBLOX image



pls paly this Map

I don’t make fe2 content anymore…

This in a way reminds me of Radaken

ranking because yes


Gameplay is pretty fun in some parts, but there are a few nitpicks:

  • The vent in the facility is very hard to go through, please resize them or remove the boxes in the area with the 7th button
  • add some spacing between the purple and red pipe, the red pipe is too close to the wall and the purple pipre is too close to the red one.
  • please extend this part since this feels too short but it’d make this easier and less cramped.
  • i dislike the wrap-around wall jumps, kinda inbalances the difficulty since its hard to pull off.
  • I really feel this could be extended. It isn’t bad, but I feel it could be more extended and then somehow have a comeback route to the original exit region placement. Also nerf the truss, pipe and standing platform jumps, these are hard to pull off.

Nonetheless, the gameplay is fine, and pretty fun in some parts, especially the end.

To be honest, the detail is a bit of a downgrade comparing this to your other maps. It feels like some of the rooms copy the same mistakes HQ Annihilation has. I’m gonna go one by one what I think could be improved.

There are some nitpicks in this picture:

This platform just looks bland. Try to come up with some more unique neon design, maybe add a hole with some pipes?
Opera Snapshot_2020-06-25_221441_forum.crazyblox.games
This platform could have some material, also add wedges to this.
Opera Snapshot_2020-06-25_221452_forum.crazyblox.games
Ik it’s not so clear as of now as im taking this, but i dislike how you keep repeating the same horizontal line pattern. Like seriously? That’s not even decent. I would change this by: removing the black borders around the neon and make the neon a bit thicker, and add some vertical pipes to the area.
Opera Snapshot_2020-06-25_221500_forum.crazyblox.games
This control board looks just eh. Try adding black borders around the edges, add some design to the downblock(?)
Opera Snapshot_2020-06-25_221514_forum.crazyblox.games
Please don’t just use thin neon lines. I’d do this: add some black borders around (make the borders around the objects as well, make the entire platform neon (EXCEPT THE BORDERS) and add a grid texture of some sort (don’t use the digit texture).

Opera Snapshot_2020-06-25_221529_forum.crazyblox.games
The centre platform’s standing looks too small, please resize it and maybe add some more design to it.

The tower seems a bit lackluster, try adding more vertical deco such as pipes, maybe some doors in some platforms

I have absolutely no idea why people don’t even use corners for facility rooms. This is an unforgivable sin for me, and it triggers me a lot in building because i keep having ideas that the walls are too connected to the floors. Like honestly, add roof and floor borders, please. It’d help out by a lot, trust me.

Not bad, maybe extend this area by a bit, make all dark sci textures dark, bring some yellow and add some pipes on the walls but not bad.

This cave is really, really empty. A cave isn’t just a few boxes. Think about a real cave. Add stalagmites, Stalacites, some sort of poles coming throught the walls. Make the ground very uneven, add maybe a minecart if necessary. Also for the crack

This part isn’t bad, but I’d suggest to add some more scenery. Add some more terraining, old rusty machines, maybe some sort of distant thunder clouds if that’d fit, black silhouettes of buildings in the background (can be cartoony, just something to fill in this image. Think of Snowdream II’s ending but you don’t have to do the camera thing unless you’d like to, I think that’d be cool lol.)

For natural parts, try adding some moss, rocks, maybe vines, oil spills, broke machine parts and maybe some flowers.

The detail has a good touch, but in my opinion would probably come the near lowest of all the “dark facility vibe” maps you’ve made (HQ being the least :/)

BGM is very fitting for some reason, it feels so weird to a point it actually kinda lives off to the map, even gives me spy maps for some reason. The ambience for the facility is well executed as always, the lights are dark but I understand these are because of shadowmap’s ability to screw everything up :joy:.
The outside’s ambience could have a little touchover, perhaps darkening but it’s not bad as well.

Conclusion: map is quite well made, some things are pretty lacking and could have got more thought into it, but they aren’t necessarily major. It is good that’s for sure. I would vote this but because of the limit I can’t rip :pensive:

Well the map sucks anyways

ight imma push beyond limits in decorating

And yes I will consider using some of this but blocks on corners? Hell no. I actually prefer to stick with wedges but I might add something to it. Also tbh I don’t really like adding blocks in corners, makes me feel awkward. I need to finally install blender and upload these damn rocks lol.

The cave sucks a lot, I agree with what you are saying. Nearly the ascent rooms make me cringe a lot at how poor they are, both in simplistic views. I honestly need to start improving right now and stop being such a simplistic idiot who can’t bother to add details.

kinda seems like youre overreacting a bit

im only saying to take my suggestions to account, no need to hate yourself for it

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