To the FE2 techies out there

How would you go about making something that would lower your air meter without forcing you into a swimming state?

Or is something like this not possible and I’m going to have to improvise?

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I don’t know, but I think have a way to do this.

im pretty sure oft and fe2 work the same way
so theres probably a folder in the player called water and a value in there called air

so id say try <insert something here>.Water.Air.Value=75
lmk if it doesnt work and ill check the fe2 copy i have

Sometimes somes FE2 Copy has a scripts like FE2 Original…

i meant i have a copy of fe2 itself. not a fangame

toxic gas from hazy maze cave from sm64 looks fun to remake, but I am a poop in lua

Woah. How do you have that?

No idea, but some fan games like overflow has gas, which lowers your air without swimming.

You can do this if you actually do know FE2 scripts very well and somehow lower the air meter by touching a part repeatily.

Mostly I’m not a scripter myself so idk I suck at scripting.

I’d think for security reasons it wouldn’t be so simple, but ig it wouldn’t hurt to check. The next question being is it server sided or replicated on both ends…

Dunno what “oft” is… I don’t play games much. Making things is more my style.

oft is open flood test

Yep, not a clue.

not really.

the way crazy controls swimming is by ‘character states’ in the main client script.

unless you know a way to edit the main client script then i’m sure it would work.

Then I guess that means it’s time to experiment.

crazy mentioned on devforums the character’s humanoid state is set to Freefall when swimming

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the main game script doesn’t depend on the humanoid state

Umbreon mement

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Air is hardcoded into the client script. This would require another Air system separate from the client script.

i might be stupid or i’m just one of hundreds that don’t understand what you’re going for

Someone gave me an idea to make a poisonous gas area on a map I’m making, and I thought it’d be neat to try given that I accidentally built a good spot to use it in.

Like how when you’re in Acid and it drains your meter down faster, except it doesn’t force you into a swimming state. That’s the idea.

Could just go with health depletion, but that’s boring and old school.

simple feature, but going with EventScript i wouldn’t be surprised to see that this idea would either not function the way that you want it to or it would just be straight up impossible to create