To the FE2 techies out there

I meant my method didn’t use the lava/acid/water parts it used a normal part

Using a thing I think…

I have no difficulty detecting when someone is in a certain area. I’m at the point where I can change the name below to warn for poison instead of acid, though I’m also not sure if I should just make a full custom way to artificially drain the air meter or just try to figure out how the air meter currently works.

You’ll have to make your own custom air meter, the air meter only shows how much air you have. The actual air number is handled in the client script.

I have done this before, I just need to find where it is in my messy pc and I might see if it works

Hold that thought cause it seems I may have worked something out after all!
@nawkie.alpa I believe it was you in another post who suggested poison? Here ya go:

Probably gotta make a tweak to the little skulls effect in the bar, but it functions.

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but what happen if you get the air tank?

Given this might be the only map it’ll be used in, there won’t be an air tank involved. So didn’t code it around that.

oh ok

Say, if you come out of water with a low amount of air, what happens if you enter the poisonous gas right after? If you’re just tweening, it could lead to some weird results I think.

There’s no swimming area intended for this map either, so I didn’t have to plan around that. Just all lava.

It works by calculating the amount of air server-side, so I’m not just tweening the air meter arbitrarily. If there HAD to be swimming in the map somewhere, then I’d just have to try to keep the poison and lava far enough away from each other so they don’t interact. Otherwise, I’d need to find a way to actually determine the amount of air the player has and change it appropriately from the game’s code… which I’m not sure I can. Unless I just want to consider it a separate meter entirely.

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if you wanted that to be the only map to feature poisonous gas at least patent it lmao

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Me watching the smart people talking

It is possible.

wait what-

also welcome back lol

Thanks, I was bored today and decided “I’m going to fix Umbreon Edition.”

LOLOLOL, I was only joking saying “umbreon mement” and he appear xddd

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I’m guessing this either involves what Shadoku said above, or you are mostly just rewriting the client script and replacing it, though there could be some other way that I am forgetting.

There is another way. I made a similar thing in umbreon edition. Although honestly it does not feel quite right due to some limitations, but it works well.

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