Toaster [Tank] 10 votes yessir

Hello guys!
so this is my very 1st time making a tank and its simple so yeah
I don’t expect this tank to be that well received only because its my first one.

Description: You must really hate untoasted bread
Cost: 200 Coins

Parts (Variation 1): 34
Parts (Variation 2): 43
Instances (Variation 1): 34
Instances (Variation 2): 43

Variation 1 Pictures (Without Plug):

Variation 2 Pictures (With Plug):

I’m accepting feedback/criticism, especially since its my first tank and I want to get better at this so.
Thank you yes

lol awesome
+1 vote

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Thanks for the 7 votes guys!
I appreciate that people like my very 1st tank :smiley:

I really like the design tho!

10 votes now @XxrobloxmsterrxX !

yessir yessir

get this man a toasty toast

extreme did you find my studio

yes but am busy right now :V

that makes sense