Top 5 Favorite Maps in Map Test

This is like a sequel to Favorite FE2 Map in Map Test but up to level 5! Top 5! List your top 5 favorite maps in FE2 Map Test! In this post, you CAN say that one of your favorite maps is a map that YOU created, unlike Favorite FE2 Map in Map Test!

  1. Tunnels by floodescaper1
  2. Rainy Hillside by FedeDoesStuff
  3. Unstabilized Apprehension by CrystalTokyo
  4. Mars by noomlek
  5. Celebration Shaft by lolikbenhier

the numbers is automatically corrected what the hell

6 should be 4
7 should be 3
8 should be 2
9 should be 1


That’s acceptable. Lol

  1. Foggy Woodlands by @FedeDoesStuff
  2. Friends by @damnepiccaleb
  3. Electric Heights by @Gam73
  4. Light Sci-Spaceship by @ITox
  5. Dark Sci-Cave by @chongjunhan

aw thanks C:

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thank you btw just saying

light sci spaceship is stolen lol

  1. foggy woodlands
  2. auburn even tho wip
  3. core term
  4. aesthetic creekside yes
  5. mauve grove
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  1. Cursed Mansion by Theliur
  2. Turkeyhood State by MatzarebOfficial05 ( I think)
  3. Foggy woodlands by FedeDoesStuff
  4. Blue moon by Bisney
  5. Dogsong by Carefulscary
  1. Malevolent Crossing [Insane] by Awesom3_Eric
  2. Electric Heights [Easy] by Gam73
  3. any doctorned map [Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane] by doctorned ofc MAT AND MAC DONT DARE YOU-
  4. Wonderland [Easy] by Dr_Right2
  5. Mountain Forest [Revamped] [Normal] by Dr_Right2

i have a lot of more liked maps, i just said some randomly since i really dont know which is my favorite :expressionless:

yes maam
wait im not mat-

Even if it’s stolen, it will still be one of my favorites. (Original is Flood of the Spaceship)

Thanks lol
Why do you even like this trash anyway

I like your potential making this map, and it’s very original and funny. :+1:


you’re just hating your own map so that you can hate others for doing it later on

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Let’s not start this again. Please.

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not a top 5 just random five maps that I like o_O

  1. Destination
  2. Dusk Snow
  3. uh Eternal Clockwork
  4. Electric Heights
  5. Auburn Highlands

People like Electric Heights a lot!

I don’t really have much of a top 5 favorite list, but I guess that one map Jungle Joyride? It is pretty cool, at the most part

I have played Jungle Joyride, and it’s pretty fun!

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I agree with your statement