Tower of V6 [Revamp] by Phantless, eliteXproX, LikenSnowy & muderer26735

Status: Gathering Support, Whitelisted, Work In Progress

Creators: Phantless, eliteXproX, LikenSnowy & muderer26735
BGM: VVVVVV - Positive Force
Name: Tower of V6 [Revamp]
Difficulty: Insane (4)

Description of Map
So we aren’t the creators of the original Tower of V6. But Phantless wanted to make it. Don’t send criticism towards me. Anyway that’s out of the way. The map is like the original Tower of V6 just different gameplay.


I wont change the pictures to what the rooms look now. they aren’t big updates.

NOTE: muderer26735 is a tester but he will build the last room too!

Victors (by version history)
Phantless v0.7.21
eliteXproX v0.8.21
Phantless v1.0.1

Old Stuff
The BGM was supposed to be changing each zone. But then it was scrapped cause each zone was too short for even an ambient. eliteXproX suggested to add Kurokotei - Galaxy Collapse until it was found out Corrupted Facility already had that OST (Not a popular map but it didn’t fit aswell). The orange part was supposed to be a maze until yellow became a maze. The magenta zone was supposed to be made by Phantless only. But he wanted to share with everyone. The map was supposed to be a crazy map until we found out how we build the gameplay we lowered the difficulty.

Oldest Stuff
“The map was supposed to be made with 8 creators” - Phantless | “The map should be named ‘Power of V6’ or ‘V6’ k?” - LikenSnowy (Phantless approved but I said that we should name it Tower of V6 cause there is one). Map was supposed to be very short and later long. Teleporters were used.

Oldest Stuff That Didn’t Expire
Version Counter.


why grass as walls

also why


ok, may i ask why are you revamping this map? also tbh you use a bit to much neon and grass, not enough other textures .-.

The original Tower of V6 has grass as walls, but still why if this is a revamp, you still keep the grass walls?


Bruh, too much neon

Use other material aside from neon
And change from grass to diamondplate
Its little bit weird when using grass to make walls, lol

I remember the old version

It’s cool how you are revamping a classic map, but I think you used a little too much neon.

lol what is this for

anyways the remember the OG map lol

this revamp has a lot neon tho

I’m not the fan of Tower’s gameplay but if you’re going to post the topic to gain the feedbacks or see what do people think about your progress, you shouldn’t put the limitation about user’s rank to your poll, it’s not different from not having any polls. I have no clue that why you’ve to make the limitation in to it but if you did it beacause the map is still unfinished, you can still add the poll and edit it in the topic later.

I don’t get why you’ve to limit members to vote the poll, you can answer to me if I was missed something.

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this is a bruh map

Good Map! the map has towers, and it has good gameplay in my opinion. [detail 8] [gameplay 7]

so first its not me who made the map. I only worked on the orange and yellow part. LikenSnowy did on blue.
Phantless made everything and he didn’t give me permission lmao.

also thx its my first time using a poll

i am working on removing some neon

Everybody instantly as someone posts put the blame on that person. Blame Phantless he wanted to do the whole map. He’s the host.

Hello guys I’m the host and pls no hate comments pls
It’s a work in progress
We’ll be finish by next week



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I think he meant people going against him but ok

Ok? then why did you make this post? did he force you to do it? why should i put the blame on him when you are also a part of this map?