🌲 Treasure Outpost [UPDATE]

My third fe2 map :DD

Update Log:

Update 1

.Added Bushes
.Added Rocks
.Fixed a bug or two

Thanks to @GabrielTVplayer for suggesting the bushes, rocks and logs (ik some of you guys suggested it too, but Gabriel suggested it in early testing soo yea)

Status: Gathering Support, Not Whitelisted (Yet)

Description of Map
You enter a forest full of treasure! (thats it lol)

Id: Not yet revealed
Name: Treasure Outpost
Difficulty: Normal
BGM: Waterflame- Adventure Ahead (might change later)
Slides: 0
Ziplines: 1
Part Count: 3540 (I know its a lot)

Pictures / Videos of Map-

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you guys like it!

dude it got approved in like 10 seconds lol

You’re welcome


Thanks blind!

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bruh i didnt even vote it


and it says i did

I like how you didn’t make the fog too intense and how you built the trees slightly curved!

+1 vote

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I had plans on making it much more intense, but i thought that it wouldn’t look so good, so I settled on this

revive after 30 minutes (that doesn’t even make sense lol)

more detail like rocks and stuff
the chest looks like a free model
add rocks, logs, and maybe some gold coins and stuff

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gonna agree with sp unch


looks very cool, i just recommendo to add some bush/rocks, but this is very poggers, sadly i cant vote lol

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lol i dont want to increase the part count like crazy but i will do all these (add rocks, bushes)

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logs and gold coins are already there (once the map gets whitelisted, you will be able to see more clearly)

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idk man, i think this is my best map yet, but you guys can decide

chest is not free model, i created it with some unions and negates (im sorry for using unions, i had to)

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if i’m perfectly honest I don’t really care if people use unions lol

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also maybe come of the could be closed?

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but it might be laggy for low end devices

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a lot of them are closed too, again once it gets whitelisted, you will be able to see it more clearly

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ohh alr
maybe better colours choices for the chests though and maybe remove some of them since it feels spammed

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