Tributary Torrent (28 VOTES)

(I never thought that this map would blow up in 4 days. Thank you so much!)

Status: Not Whitelisted (Gathering Support At The Same Time)

Description of Map-
After traversing through The Great Woods, you find yourself in an estuary. But watch out! The water is rising at a steady pace and you know it won’t be long until its submerged. Can you escape?

MAIN ID: 6598418922 (not whitelisted yet)

TEST ID: 4801429298 / icdmz61 (meaning that this is a temporary ID and is only for testing)




“Thanks to aber75 for recording this, make sure to go subscribe to him!” (and others)

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this is cool! +1 vote.

i think i know you from somewhere

totally don’t know you

Aye awesome map Bendy!

I like the terrain, i also like the decoration, just some small things i wanna mention :

At the end of the 1st area the water rises and we can see the limit of it. Could be fixed

Some boxes have no collision for some reason.
But i can understand that it was necessary in some places like the image above. In these cases you should find another way to decorate the area. Adding arrows isn’t necessary if this box isn’t there but you can add one anyway it’s not a problem.

Also last problem, there is some invisible walls in the map that could be turned into more interesting obstacles like fences, wood planks or something else.

I usually don’t send long messages like that it’s just because this map is good and i’d love to see it even better.

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Thanks for the input, I’ll address those issues and see what I can do!

Finally your making original maps for once. (Yes I pretty much know what he did)

This is cool

this is actually a really nice map

Man! This is looks nice and interesting!

this map is beautiful omg

I have fixed most of the gameplay issues.

I have now fixed every issue. Thanks for telling me!

@AFB_endy Great, i’ll try that soon

EDIT : I tested it and you perfectly fixed everything. I’m really impressed of how you fixed the invisible walls, good job.
Now i can add some suggestions again (yes i’m annoying sorry)

The acid in the 1st area and the lava in the 2nd area rise too fast for an easy map, because your map is just 1:30 long it won’t be a problem to slow down the flood because the limit of maps in game is 2 minutes.

Also i noticed some hard jumps in the map, and sometimes being unable to escape the acid of the 2nd area once you fall. To make the map fit the easy difficulty you could nerf some jumps, and also maybe make the acid water in the 2nd area for a while, then turning it to acid and finally lava, falling into water gives you enough time to go back up.

Also small suggestion, maybe change the ambient of the map, test some colors to see if one looks better. Maybe the color of the ambient in the image of the map when you load it can be good, just a bit more grey so that we don’t see it too much.

Anyway i added your map to my saved IDs because i really like it. And i’ll tell others to check this map, it deserves it.
(Also i saw the poll says that it has 6/10 chance of getting added, it doesn’t mean your map isn’t fe2 worthy it’s just insanely difficult to get a map in game.)

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This is amazing! I love the design!

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Amazing map, reminds me of an unexplored part of lost woods, and I think thats cool.

I think the gameplay is okay, its kinda confusing. maybe add more arrows to more confusing sections.

The detailing is good, I like it, I think platform design could be more varied, but overall I think its fine.

I think difficulty wise, this should be nerfed. Don’t make the acid change into lava, and make it rise slower or a longer wait time, or change the difficulty to normal or even hard.

This map is very good, and I could see this getting into FE2.

you got my vote



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I have added your suggestions. Thanks so much for the feedback!

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i recorded the map, good map

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Thanks Hexixm!

did this map die?