[Trick and Flood Route] Trick or Flood πŸŽƒ

Release Date: Friday, September 20th, 2019.

2020 Update (trick and flood route)
  • Updated some parts of the detail and gameplay
  • Added Trick and Flood route which can only be activated with a secret button you have to find! (will be revealed on October 2nd)
  • Added more people in the end room
  • Nerfed it

Status: Completed
ID: 2393497861
Difficulty: Hard
Creator(s): Fastnado
Tester(s): @TheFloodBuilder @Scriixer and @Inocular
Button Count: 6 + 1 secret button :wink:
Part Count: 1810
Water Phases: Water, Acid and Lava
Script Used: EventScript
Audio: Kahoot Halloween

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After following the wrong path to a Halloween party on Halloween night, you stumble upon some groves and unfamiliar places that you’ve never seen.

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What’s expected to come next:

  • Wait until 2021 lol (if I/we/you still play then)

Sounds good for a Halloween map. Try like making secrets or hidden spots for people to find i guess.


Should be called Flood or Treat since then it’s either bad or good. With trick or flood its bad or bad.

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Nice map tho.

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I asked my friends between Trick or Flood, Flood or Treat, Trick or Treat or Happy Halloween and they chose Trick or Flood.

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Oh ok.

This map looks really cool. Can I make a video on this, I wont tell the ID though. I wanna be a tester please

cool map. i like the concept. just add more details. like ded trees .also is a litle bit too dark.

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i prefer flood


kind of blocky. some parts arent decorated at all. i like the concept though :b

c4n 1 g3t 1n pl0x???

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Uh don’t make a video until the week of September 15th or so. But I could make you a tester, although you’ll have to wait cuz I’m going on a one week trip and won’t be bringing my PC for studio.


Want to be featured in this map? Who Wants To Be Featured In My Map?

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can i be tester?

I’ll be tester to see how this map works.

Okay Ima add the testers in.

I’m giving a review for testing on this map.
1: The difficulty is good enough
2: Some shortcuts can be made
3: Could use more decoration but it’s WIP. Build all of the stuff then some decorations.
4: Terrain looks good. Can be improved (if you want to)
5: You could make the map longer and you could like put a place of the map Creator and testers (if you want to)
6: One button doesn’t show it’s icon.
7: I’ve beaten the map (about 60 seconds to beat)
8: Overall the map rating I give is 8.5/10

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I thought I could!

You could name it trick of flood or smth tbh

I can make a video on this but people will just look for the ID. Well I’ll do what every FE2 YouTuber does.
ID: no

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