True Story Theory 3 (Official)


So if you don’t remember my other true story theories, basically its a little theory I made on FE2 2 months ago. Also, this is my other account, so im posting it here because my first is banned (I think).


So we know the guide was evil, but why? Well, because like I said in my continued forum post, the players caused the floods. Was that the only reason he went berserk? No, no it was not.


So Ghostlyx_x is the name of the NPC that roamed around in the lobby until he mysteriously disappeared. With no explanation. Ghostly’s request and duty to be the guide in the FE2 lobby got the guide kicked out of his potential reappearance to take care of the place after Crazy’s death. Before Crazy died, Ghostly asked for this role through his make-a-wish campaign. Crazy accepted, and he didn’t appear in the lobby until after the FE1 lobby was destroyed (BTR Update) and Crazy’s death. Because Ghostly was already well known for a short amount of time as the “new guide” FE1 guide couldn’t replace him. The people would think he was a murderer and killed Ghostly to get his place back. Instead, he took a different approach. Ruining the FE2 maps and starting this entire mission for the players I talked about in my other posts. Ghostly was never a bad person, he did a good job taking care of the lobby. But why, why did he disappear?

FE2 Lobby Destroyed

Since the players were already halfway through their journey on their way to find FE1 guide, and Ghostly was usually all alone at this point in the lobby, he was forgotten and it was the original guides final chance to murder him. Because of the guides supernatural powers (proven through the VIP emote) he flew back to the lobby and killed Ghostly. That’s why he mysteriously disappeared.

A good ending for Ghostly…?

We are reaching the end of this third entry and this would probably be the end of it, but there’s one last thing. Did Ghostly have a good ending to his life? Yes. He was able to achieve the goal he wanted and got to do it for a long time. He was happy, and is now in heaven with Crazyblox and the rest of the players. Both now in peace after all the drama and craziness (no pun intended) they got into with this whole Flood Escape ordeal.


So, that’s it. The 3rd entry in the True Story Theory. It might’ve been a clunky ride for all these people, but at least we know that the good side of them are now finally at peace. The map timeline is still the same and will only really change if another map gets in and I make a 4th entry. But… now what does the guide do? He’s all alone. He has gotten his goal. What now…?


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