TURBO Revamp [40%]

Status: Gathering Support, Work in Progress, Unreleased

The team is now back together, along with a new person…
Looking forward to release Mid September
[one of the rooms is a legacy room]

Description of Map
TURBO, but Revamped
note that there is ambient changers in each room

Revamp 40% Done

Pictures / Videos of Map-
Will show some since some things are…out of place
2nd room: Finished, waiting for feedback (with ambient on)

3rd room: The legacy room

4th room: Gameplay finished, not detailed yet. Not sure about the walls.

6th Room: just showing this image because not sure if i am allowed to show it yet haha

8th room: Finished…?

Please note that the map is a work in progress
No Videos.

n i c e

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not too bad
better than the original that’s for sure

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the walls and the floor looks empty in the first room. and also i dont suggest you spamming the same looking platforms.

again, the walls in the 4th picture are empty too. but the platforming is looking good.

7th picture: like again, walls are empty.

but i see your skills are improving! nice job already.

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this room needs improvements.
maybe add wedges? the cylinder details dont fit too well

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i made this room a while ago, sure

Some rooms require better details but this is significantly better than the original

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i dont know why but i feel like original was better i dont know why

the problem with this revamp is that all the rooms are made in one style. and the rooms are blocky, i’d suggest adding wedges and not spam the platforms

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techinally people wante dto just have the same style but the next rooms will be changed



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turbo is turbo


Why do you:
-Make nearly every wall transparent glass
-Make players be able to see the next room
-Make transparent glass to make the color doesn’t fit with each other
-Put such bad details on the wall
-Have such a bland wall
Answer it all or the map goes brrrrrrr

  1. im lazy + no rlly any idea what im doing so far
  2. trying to make gameplay good rn
  3. i am newbie buildur
  4. im dumb
  5. .-.

you are quality builder get a certificate

The revamp is better ngl

is turbo revamp still coming

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hold up updating post

I like 4th a lot

the original revamp looked way better in my opinion

not final product