Tweak Lighting Settings (Update #2)

Status: Gathering Support

Description of Map
(This map doesn’t count as my 5th map)
Hi welcome to a FE2 map that allows you to tweak the games lighting settings!
Note that some buttons wont work and some buttons can only be pressed once. (Which means you have to reload the map if you want to press it again)
This map allows you to:
Change the Bloom back to Compatibility Bloom
Change the Dark tonemap back to legacy / compatibility tonemap
Change EnvironmentalDiffuseScale
Change EnvironmentalSpecularScale
Change Lighting Technology (not working, but It will work once roblox makes Lighting.Technology scriptable)
Change the lighting to look like legacy (Experimental but doesnt work, still trying to remake legacy lighting)
Change Neon to Legacy Neon (Currently Experimental)

NOTE: All scripts can only work once per button pressed. Rejoin the map to repress the button to add the same effect twice.
Also please press the remove all effect button first but it only removes 1 bloom effect. Rejoin the map to remove even 1 more effect and so on.

Map Info:
Creator(s): InocularGaming
Map ID: 4953157852 (Not whitelisted yet)
Testing ID: 3664854021 (The Id for testing some FE2 maps I’ve made by myself or with others)
Difficulty: Whats the reason to change the difficulty if its only to just tweak the lighting?
BGM: Literally the default which is map making kit music
Details: 4/10 Whats the reason to detail this map anyways?
Map Model: https://www.roblox.com/library/4953157852/Tweak-Lighting-Settings
Just take the model to fix your map if you know how to script the effects in.

Pictures of the map (ok)-
(Yes its in FE2’s current lighting settings, changes if you press one of the buttons.

I’ll still need feedback on this if it works tho. Also the neon cubes in the map is just there for you to see when you switch the bloom option.

Oh forgot one thing, Crazy did something with the bloom in the game, the bloom effect I used made the bloom/neon even more glowy. I may want to keep working on this to fix FE2’s Lighting.
Here is the stuff I may or not add or fix
Change the lighting technology
Make every light source brightness to at least 1 (pointlights, surface lights, etc)
The experimental legacy lighting option which I think is the hardest to do.

THANKS SO MUCH yesssssss

Your welcome. Might fix some stuff later that need to be fixed soon.

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gonna test it out i guess :man_shrugging:


sounds dumb but i respect what you like
EnvironmentalSpecularScale should be able to be a number string if crazy has his scripting optimized
If Lighting.Technology is changeable then they will do that themselves, they won’t wait for you
it’s impossible to make black neon and corrupting roblox to just get black neon isn’t worth it

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I just don’t like how you can’t switch the lighting. :confused:

Lol you beat Kris from making something like this (idk if he was even going to)

It is impossible to switch the lighting technology in runtime

By the way, having to do an extra map to play maps are kinda unnecessary (at least for newly made maps). For new unreleased maps’ mapmakers. Just make your map lighting adopted to the new engine.

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T H A N K S I N O C U L A R. T H A N K Y O U F O R T H I S T H I N G. N O W W E C A N P L A Y M A P S W I T H O U T S H A D O W M A P.
(Body seems unclear. Why?)

Thanks inoc lol

map needs design, looks kinda empty

Basically made this map to help people who don’t like shadowmap in the maps they play.
Also this map doesn’t fix all problems, such as reducing every point lights brightness.

Y E S finally!

are you defending Shadowmap again

Not to mention that black neon shouldn’t be glowing in the first place because it’s a dark color.

Also I really wouldn’t need this map anytime soon since I can already do some of this myself. Like I won’t be waiting for pending updates on this map since I would waste time waiting when I could have had more time making bad builds that are too simple.

I dont know lol

It is the truth. To be honest, people are making deals over a bit too much (imo). I would just change settings and be done :man_shrugging: