Typical Waters | Easy

Status: Gathering Support | Whitelisted
ID: 1872133540

Description of Map
This is one of my latest maps, and I’m pretty proud of it! It’s short yes, I do have plans to extend it in my free time though!

Pictures / Videos of Map


I like the simplicity of it
Try maybe adding boxes

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Big chugnus is real

the boxes would feel out of place tho

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Oh alright

Maybe try adding a bit more trees and experimenting with different terrain shapes? I can show you tomorrow some examples

very simplistic, but the terrain needs to be a bit more smoothened

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Decent for ur 3rd map

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K big essay

  1. Doesn’t look like there is lots of gameplay.
  2. Better Terrain
  3. More details
  4. idk
    not the biggest fan of this honestly

Try making the terrain and platforms less wedgey, something like this

Also maybe add some houses and logs 🪵

I did say it was short lol

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Yeah, I’ll probably do that when I get free time to update it.