Uhhh.... what?

So I was searching through my favourites for no reason when I came across this game in my favourites. I have no idea why I have it favourited or when I favourited it, but I’m sure I favourited it around the time inventories were still open and I wanted to find a FE1 Map Test back in probably august 2018. I have no clue.
The game in mention is called “Flood Escape Map Maker”, currently with 2k+ visits and it’s currently privated with 87 favourites. Hasn’t been updated since 2015 though.
The link is


Clearly strange from what i’ve seen from. I never seen that game before


Interesting… What happens when you play it?

You can’t sadly… It’s privated

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i feel like ive seen this before, but it was also closed too


Maybe Crazyblox was developing a way to make custom Flood Escape 1 maps but he got an idea of Fe2 while he was making a way to make maps.

It was supposed to be a map test for the orriginal Flood Escaped but never got finished.

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that’s odd… maybe he thought that doing so would be a bad idea

who knows?

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FE1 Map Test was gonna exist. Well that cant happen.

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From what I know crazyblox wanted FE1 to have some kind of map submitting system but wasnt sure how to go about it so it never happened

fe2 reintroduced the idea and he took it up that time

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This is actually pretty interesting, since most of the community actually ddint realise this existed