Unactivated + Activated tanks

Title: Unactivated Tank + Activated Tank
Price: 43 gems
Desc: Squarish buttons that have a neon button. The red one is the unactivated, which won’t provide air during swimming. The green one is activated, and it does the opposite of what the red does.
Note that the can look squarish but I intend them to look like that LOL

Note: I remade these

Pictures (general) (old)

The red one

The green one

When in avatar (i can make these smaller if you want)


on avatar (yes thats me lol)

Scenery: a wip TQ:FE map that idk if i should recreate or keep updating

So there. It might fit FE2 or not, but if crazy decides to add this then nice

  • Irla

If I didn’t exactly follow guidelines please tell me because I’m sure something is not right there…

Also note: these are based off the FE2 map buttons, so don’t go say things like “omg this has button big rip off me no vote :rage:

coool idea but
meh design

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i cant fix that sadly :[

its based off the buttons from an average fe2 map so there…

also idk what to add tbh

but i can make these round if you want :]

overall you can try and improve this
i can tell you later doe or just irl


I believe those 2 tanks with 4 part worth 15000 robux

nice concept

but it could have more effort put into it

Looks to plane think of something different instead of having squares on your back as supposed buttons.

I’m gonna remake those


  • Good concept


  • Lazily designed
  • Looks like it had minimal effort put into it
  • Honestly just badly executed, wasted potential

I said I’m gonna remake these

doesn’t mean feedback is prohibited

I know, but like I gotta agree this looks rushed as hell so I am gonna remake it

Updated map topic, with new and improved design

inspiration from interminterial? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
nice, definetly somewhat better


agreed with give on that one-