Underground Panic

Map Status : Finished
Creator : Hazedu13
BGM : Nuclear Flash - Zircon Music
Desc : Haha underground go boom
My hardest map yet
Position in timeline : 4.3
Images :

First cave
1st Tower

2nd cave

2nd Tower

Before End

The last picture looks very empty. The map looks good throughout though. Just work on the last part.

Walls are a bit empty in the entire map. Maybe add some wall designs.


i suggest changing the ambience to (preferably dark) orange and add some fog

i would add some detail on the walls (vegetation, small parts of terrain, etc) and small rocks on the floor. Lighting would also be good, like a thick fog surrounds the player. The last picture is a bit empty so just place random things there if there’s no gameplay (it would be a good idea to put some sort of action there actually)

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Add more decorations (crystals, mine carts, terrain, lava)

this is ok, but its empty, add like pickaxes, rails, other
and also why do I see pc boxes

please take time into this map because it looks rushed

also on 4th picture add details because it looks empty

Took me 2 weeks to make how would it be rushed

2 weeks is a short amount of time

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also maybe add more wall details and fill up more space, it looks empty and it does look rushed. pretty cool map otherwise