Underworld Laboratory (The Underworld Devs) {OLD POST}

First Map Of The Group! Let’s Goo

Status: Wip / Development


BGM: Yozy - Eradicated Ruins
Creator(s): The Underworld Devs (Not Everyone)
Part Count: 150+
**Time For Beat: 1:28

After You Finally Escape Of A Isolated Place… You Find A Laboratory In Collapse, You Need To Escape Until Lab Floods Everywhere!

  • The Spawn Was Inspired On My Future Game: Maintenance Meltdown

  • Special Thanks To @ExtremeMaster999 And @Deyvidgamertest123 For Helping Detail 1st Room

  • Corridor Was Inspired On The Grand Finale By @Enszo

  • 2nd Room Is On Development, By Probably By Nearly Entire Team

  • Special Thanks To @DevIsNotHere For Scripting And @Theo For Revamp The Box!

  • 2nd Room Is On Development!

:camera: Pictures :camera::
First Room, Is Most Detailed Room Into Map, By @Deyvidgamertest123 @ExtremeMaster999 @GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimatons And @DevIsNotHere!:

Corridor, Before First Tower On The Laboratory! Made By @GabrielTVplayer / N0TAnimations:

  • Please Feedback. Thanks
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Very very wip huh.

Anyways might do some stuff to it for polishing

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ultra wip

chungus wip

1st Room nearly done!!
no thanks to you guys stop eating lunch and get working

Thanks for leaving me out guys.

i’m not leaving you out

Yeah Ik Gabriel. Extreme is though. I can’t even help with the detail in the first room.

uhh i was just doing my own thing
i didnt say you couldnt detail :confused:

Can we start making the 2nd room dude.

ok you can make le second room
i’ll just finish up the spawn and then we good

let’s start


Not bad :sunglasses: :+1:

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Can you please bring this conversation into PMs

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yea XD

New pics:

me do be getting left out :frowning:

dev why havent u shared the file yet u said u were going to

Agility Will Be Added