Unearthly Ring


First aura that I created. I don’t expect it to get into the game, I still don’t know how to feel about it either.

More Info

1 ParticleEmitter, 4 Beams
Creator: Visual_VDvanox

Multiple Colors Will Be Considered And Created (props to damnepiccaleb)

Please give me some feedback so I can improve this!

looks nice
tho the name doesn’t fit
but that’s my opinion

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really cool-looking

but i’d suggest a name that’s more related to space

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the name would be: “Rings of Unviling Haven” but nice lol

@LolIsNowExploiting & @TimeNotDesign Thank you!

@nawkie.alpa Thanks! Also, what could be some spacy nouns that could make the name more fitting?

I think the new name can be a bit more fitting as of I think it represents that it’s “out of this world”

you don’t need to @ people

that ping is fine lol

The forum suggested that I do one reply with pings, instead of multiple replies.

yeah that’s actually a better idea, sorry.

Love it! Maybe there could be alternate colours, too? Just a thought.

You got a vote!

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I’ll think about doing that. I’m only doing white for now since lighting doesn’t have much impact on it. If I were to do any other color, it wouldn’t really work out as well, but I’ll see what I can do.