Unfortunately, I cannot continue

Hello folks and dear fans, my name is Jullakorn_Liam and I created this topic because I am actually tired of sharing too many models.

I tried adding George and the Dragon to the whitelist but it always doesn’t work.

Because I have shared a lot of models, but actually I can’t actually add to the whitelist.

58 is my favorite number.
But actually I just wanted to share models.

I hardly feel like sharing models.
I don’t like it.

I don’t know what to do now …

I have to have it.
Otherwise I have to wait so long again.



This gets tricky …

Can someone help me?
Because it has to be whitelisted.

  • Yes
  • No

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If you vote on yes, give me a chance what to do because I really want Joris and the Dragon to be whitelisted. But it needs to be a MapMakingKit.

If you vote on no, then you’re a bit cranky that I can’t make an appointment about the white list …

It’s almost for me a breaking news.
Please reply. :cry:

delete the models that are useless
in studio you can replace a model

So you don’t need to have an account, but go to this link and look at it every day because then you’ll know when the queue is full.
FE2CM Game | Twitter

So the problem wasn’t how many models you’ve submitted, It was just that everyone already submitted their maps to get into FE2CM.

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Also, once the queue is empty, press that link that the bot had tweeted. (Messaged, secret way in Twitter)