Unions as water acting weird

So, I’m making a map and I need to have a union as the water. Except… in game it appears as a tiny white cube. It’s not just visual either. It’s functionality breaks as well. The cube appears about in the middle of where the water should be, and I think it is 1 stud big. I am aware that a mesh is applied to the water in game, but I put one on the water in studio and it seemed to work fine. I am unsure if this bug happens 100% of the time or not.

Crazyblox made the water TOP surface be visible
From other sides they are not

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why are you even unioning the water? :joy:

the way water works in fe2 can only work with parts, wedges, spheres, and cylinders
reason why is because of MATH!!!

Yes. That wasn’t the bug though.

Well. wedge only map challange and I wanted to union 2 wedges to make a block of water.
I don’t need to anymore, I’ll just make them 2 seperate waters.

The water can only be a block. Since the game finds the top surface of that block, and no other shapes can match it up.

For the wedge only challenge, the water and other game parts actually don’t count towards the challenge, since there is no other way around them.

Nah, found a way around it lol

Never mind :sweat_smile:

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