Unity ["Layout"][Crazy][Decorating 46%][pART reducement!]

If you want, you can record this map and give some feedback.
ID: 4526406429
Creator: me (Questabie)
BGM: TheFatRat - Unity
Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxP2ggU_EFg&t=24s
Part Count: 8k [didnt know one of the planets had 3k parts]
Buttons: 10
Suggestions mostly needed at the: 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th room.
Feel free to say what you want to say.
If you want to test out the boss room, play the map.

Backstory: You’ve been transported to space and you think everything’s fine. But it’s not. Over time, you keep forgetting to refuel the lab. You hear a loud boom. The water system is going nuts. You cant refuel the ship now, you gotta escape. You remember there’s an emergency portal at the emergency shelter. It’s time to run.

–bad at making stories–
First Room


Third Room

Fourth Room [First Tower]

Fifth Room

Sixth Room (inspiration from Core Termination)

Seventh Room (Boss Room)

Eighth Room (Last Room)[CHANGING]

Bro 10k for a layout is just insane… I suggest you reducing the parts or this wont seem like a layout anymore


like the [urple colour, but better dont use voxel

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has decoration



at first i thought layouts are maps with no detail and just gameplay

now people are telling me theyre maps which consist only of smoothplastic



layouts are maps which dont have details but have the gameplay finished

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uh- this is like tria resurgo 2.0

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Ill try.

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what is voxel

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how is like tria resurgo v2

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I like the map overall but a few parts in the tower are a bit sketchy and tough to time. But I like it! Don’t get me wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

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Each of an array of elements of volume that constitute a notional three-dimensional space, especially each of an array of discrete elements into which a representation of a three-dimensional object is divided.

The map doesn’t look realistic (cuz it’s a layout)
And the part count surprised me.

Actually, I used Neon, Smooth Plastic, and Plastic mostly.

s p a c e

Please reduce the parts or union it

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unioning makes it lag, bad idea.

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That’s a lot for a layout.

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Only if you use the precise collidition property. for decoration you can just make it box so it will be less laggy but this is a layout so…

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Basically, while I was waiting for the white list to be cleared, I decided to try and make it not a layout and decorate it so its a full map but then I had no ideas so it stayed how it was now
also, what is collidition property

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