Unknown Room

Hi guys !!! I gonna post my brand new map here !! I hope you guys enjoy with it !!
Description: The unknown place gonna end soon. Escape from this place before it dooms…

Name: Unknown Room
ID: 2476158723
Creator: noomlek
Part: 3164
BGM: Sonic the hedgehog - Crisis City

Picture of the map

I love you all !! :heart:

saw this map on your video in youtube
real cool
reminds me of crisis city lab




Crisis City Lab but less confusing

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It isn’t fast this time. I used time to made this like 1 - 2 months. every close friends know this anyway.

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voting on an alt due to vote limit

k here
very nice map

this map is amazing :0


my friend told me that, this map its WIP, because the tower looks unfinished, lol.

it looks pretty finished to me if noomlek chose to make a video on it

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kinda wish vote limits weren’t a thing

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same here

Is, it just me or did everyone forget bout dis?


i remember this map , but it died quickly

I would call this one of noomleks most underated maps for a crazy.

Love it how maps die and they don’t get attention for the sake
Such a disgrace

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blue rooms have walls that are empty which makes it look meh but the other rooms look great. the geometry is good as well

wait only 19 replies in this topic?! wtf