Unpopular opinions

post your unpopular opinions you think you may get hated on for

here’s mine
new roblox is better than old roblox

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no this isnt a minigame continuation like the other post

Crazy maps are overrated

edit: before I get hate and assume that I think Lighthouse is overrated, I’m not talking about the maps. I think the maps people have suggested in their videos, lists, and posts are precise so I can fully agree with what they have to say. What I AM speaking to are those people who only want harder maps and don’t give a single poop about other difficulties. They exist too. So TL;DR it’s just that crazy maps sometimes have a bad influence on players


if you write the word “impostor” as “imposter” you are absolutely stupid and drunk


yup, right

i would post mine but i would get hated so no

blue moon has a bad theme

It’s not that. It’s just that random nons beg for more Crazy maps instead of being considerate for other difficulties as well. Like jeez, we understand, we all want more crazy maps, but c’mon. More map variety or else you’re only supporting one part of the community.

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atleast crazyblox add a easy map
so now easy maps will be overrated

marred dreams needs arrows



CorrodedMetal is the best Roblox material. Don’t @ me.



neon sucks lol

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Crazyblox should add the “future” lighting.

there are pepole, whose 1st map isn’t trash

seriously i made a good map and i won’t ever do it again

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SelectionSphere instance should be used more

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my laptop will legit explode

ShadowMap in FE2 was a bad idea.

thats actually a very popular opinion

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