Up coming map. Who wants to help?

There is this map that me and inocular and more ,are making and… we need help so join the Discord server to help…… you wont help :frowning: I know it…… https://discord.gg/DX2HZd ……………… Map image:

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What stud increment do you use?
Also I don’t think I might offer help, sorry.

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oh… okay

ooh another city map

but sorry, gotta finish my work in progress projects in roblox studio before I overdo myself

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okay :frowning:

He is probably using 0.01 or 0 studs.
(Which is probably all builders don’t recommend)

Random opinion: If you have nothing to say but ‘sorry not gonna help’ it’s probably better to say nothing at all. It’s not a lot of fun when you get a notification and all it is is someone replying saying ‘no lol’ or something similar.

Rant over have a good day everyone :slight_smile:


Well I was going to say just “ooh another city map” but then they would think that I would want to help :confused:

Im Up For It

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Okay another link for the discord @masteroof

when i was a noob i used that lo

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When I first started. I used 0.25 lol. Bad anyways but for starters.

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i wish i done that lo

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