[Update 1] Studio Tank | Tank Submission

Update log: Made logo smaller and made the slice in the logo better! [Update 1]

Name: Studio Tank
Price: 100 coins
Description: Powered by Imagination


Old logo vs New logo:








Make the logo smaller? (Suggested by givemenamepls)

  • Ye
  • Nah

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Do you like it?

  • Yeah dawg
  • Naw dawg

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:warning: If you could suggest how to improve it that’d be awesome! I think the tank could have a bit more detail to it! :warning:

While you’re here, go check out the other tanks in this series!

I’ll add a picture of the tank on a dummy tmr when I get on my computer!

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That’s looks good.


I added a picture of it on a dummy now!

roblox: powering ur moms credit card

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That looks nice! I’d like this on my character!

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Closing the logo re-size vote at 21 votes! (Or If It get’s more votes and I just miss 21 lol)

“guys im gona get 21 votes a day after i post dis haha!1!!!1!”

I’m talking about the poll. If you want to hate on me then you might as well join BaconBoi in my expanding list of muted users.

Ok whatever just gonna close the poll now. Logo will be re-sized to be a bit smaller!

Looks epic; love the tools

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The 2nd tank to this series is out!

hi aliaka u like my pfp

Vbuck that is so offtopic. :joy:

Uh, sure.

I had to :joy:

Update 1 released!

Wait I forgot the pic of it on the dummy.

oh I just noticed that you play games like jsab like the one in the pfp

Yeah yeah, I know.