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drama 2: electric boogaloo



Can you all…

Look. If you’re going to get freaking mad over a stupid opinion then you should GET OUT OF HERE.

I am done with this madness and it’s annoying ME to see drama EVERY SINGLE DAY and I don’t think Domino likes locking post EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you’re too sensitive to be here, then go away.

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i dont think swearing and calling others names counts as opinions

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Not meant it that way; aliaka was getting mad over something in a another topic (idk) and sweared over and over again even though he censored some of it

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is it made or mad?

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mad lol

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You’re welcome :grinning:

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brain big

gib nairb

dh wath

brain gib

Brian Gib


Why is it so hard for people to stop.

i just want to cry in somebody’s dms

am I considered naive for feeling really bad for you?

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Forget it. I changed my mind. Since he never cared about me, why should I care about him? :’)

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Bruh momento i left you alone and instead of ignoring this post you came back also get suspended

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the thing is big

Don’t continue it.

If this goes back on…

Anyway, just like aliaka get some time and don’t just talk behind his back every 3 seconds, because when you do that you continue it and I don’t think this will go well at all this time.

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But im not doing that every three seconds. Like honestly, he keeps replying to me which makes me reply to him which makes this chain.