[Update!] Cryptic Hills

Status: Completed, whitelisted, Gathering Support

Creator(s): TBNRLavaCreeper (Aka ThatEpicCreeper)

ID: 2892578904

Description: This is a map where you are in the wild and a flood is rising and you need to reach the top before it catches you!

Give me suggestions on what parts of the map can be improved and how I should improve them! Also give the map a vote if you like it!

(Check the last picture for update)

The spawn area and the first button of the map.

Second button with some platforms.

Third button where you have to climb up. Then you go back and climb the truss that appears.

Fourth button where you need to do a walljump, then climb up the boxes and the wooden platform to get to the button, and a platform on the other side appears for you to continue.

Fifth button where you simply walk across the platform and go into the small room to the side for a button, then a truss platform appears.

Sixth button of the map which is the final button. Simple platform parkour to get to it and you have to go back and a truss appears.

An overview of the entire map. (Updated - changed walls with different texture, added small rock pieces on the walls, and a waterfall on the side.)

VIdeos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jggJxeZhpwE


cool i like it

i want it,
i got it


looks fine. i just think the walls look too dark and it gives the map some sort of creepy vibe (i guess this is meant to be a halloween map). the islands are also kinda blocky.

Quite dark
And some details to the walls if you can

try using some wedges on the terrain, it look pretty cool

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Yep gonna detail the walls. also when you play the map its bright just when you’re in the studio it looks dark.

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assuming your using ambience then

Put 63,63,63 on Lighting > Ambient

This is good yet so underrated

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Not that good but decent
I see free models tho

lol this map was the inspiration behind unseen beauty :joy: