(Updated images + New ID) EndGame [Crazy]

Actually just lower the lighting tbh

don’t fix this is quality content

i mean i can do that but my problem is that the guy with the current endgame model quitted fe2 and i cant get him to save the model for me + the map is broken bc i messed up a script and im lazy to fix it lol

all i can say is
n i c e

uh, we got a problem, my maps ost is hexagon force ;-;

congrats on replying to a post created last year smh

haha ;-;

Don’t worry it’s ok most of the people in this community have a big bias on who can revive posts or not


Or Jumper

doesn’t matter, maps can have whatever BGM they want, just as long as it fits the map

yup ik. it was a joke

s t o p
r e p l y i n g
t o
t h a t
p o s t
p l e a s e

well i ended up fixing the lighting of the map and deleted a part of the secret room of the map (still that doesnt change the fact that you will lag and get timed out) but since minecraftalien1453/meshyoryx/surrealbeing/whateverhisusernameisnow quitted map making he doesnt want to save the map so i decided to change id even tho this map is too dead for someone to play it but who cares really here you have the id: 2590161729


ive been waiting for a legit reason to upload this, nows my chance

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but didn’t you record it a year ago

bruh you said it yourself, its one year ago