Updating / Overriding Roblox Models

Hi there everybody
so my brother wanted to update his map and an unfortunate roblox update came and decided to ruin the plan

If you look at the image, the “Override Existing Model” button is gone and nowhere to be found. I tried to use RobloxStudioModManager and set ToolBoxWithCMSV2 to false hoping that it works. Unfortunately, the toolbox isn’t reverted to the old version and so didn’t the model uploader, We are stuck at this screen trying to update the map and unfortunately can’t find a way. If you know how, let us know by replying to this post!
Thank you, Terima Kasih, 谢谢.


This is roblox being dumb once again.

I thought it was my WiFi until I got internet and found out it was roblox.

I was trying to mae this work for a day so I feel your pain lol

is this some sort of trying to say “ur english but im not”

hey mine is worse

i cant even scroll down and im still affected by it

Use roblox mod studios

I quit using that account now though, I use my dev and now my main account for maps lol

did you read?

Did you save changes
And then launch frm mod not the rblx studios

technically, closing the edit flags menu save it, and yes I launch it from the roblox studio mod

this is fixed lol (I know I’m late, but this is for people who read this topic)

yeah well, i have pretty much the same thing. when i try upload a model, it doesn’t do anything. literally all it does is nothing. heres what i do: left click / right im to lazy to know what direction, then i click ‘‘save to roblox’’ and then? nothing. just absolutely nothing.

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why do people still have that glitch, it’s been fixed for me since august

ogm its koolgaminguyYOUtAb the OVERdEtaIleR

you don’t have as much models i guess


lol no i have like 40 models. also idk why yesterday some sort of similar bug happened to me. i can click on the overriding models button, i can scroll down, but it shows only 20 models and i cant get further. idk why. maybe i should make another model and test it out. also it caused me some trouble since my map’s model was one of the first models i uploaded and i couldnt access it so i had to submit a new one and wait for crazy to whitelist it. ;_;

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i have nearly 90 kiddo

fed has a lot more i can guess

ikr now Coldspot is delayed until further notice.

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like it was fine last week but after the weekly update this week, it just bROkE

I have no problem on overwriting existing models.

considering most of my models were on my previous accounts